The June 2014 Music Education Blog Carnival

A music education blog carnival is a monthly post that links to several new music education blog posts across the web. June’s edition features a sampling of blog posts published in May 2014.

5 Strategies For Getting 100% Attendance At Your Next Band, Chorus, Or Orchestra Concert from Thomas J. West (@thomasjwest): How can you achieve 100% student attendance at your next ensemble concert or performance? Try out these five strategies next year and see if attendance improves.

Apps to Help You Through a Conference from Catie Dwinal (@musiccargirl14): At a conference and excited to learn and develop? Use these apps to organize your trip, write down your new ideas, and more.

Creativity in Poetry and Composition from Jennifer Chobotiuk (@musicmom99): Interested in including more opportunities for creativity and composition in your music classroom? Jennifer provides an overview of a project that she created to do just that.

End of the Year Organization from Tracy King (@tracyking): Tracy describes how she organizes her classroom environment to tidy up at the end of the school year and — perhaps most importantly — prepare for the new year in September!

Leading Notes is Going Back to School! from Leading Notes (@leading_notes): Leading Notes wants to create a space where good teaching and ideas get shared with the world. There are many opportunities to get involved and contribute articles.

A Step by Step Guide to Moving Students to Longer Lessons from Wendy Stevens (@composecreate): If you’re struggling to condense your lessons to thirty minutes or think your student may benefit from a longer lesson time, Wendy’s step by step guide can help you approach that discussion.

STEAM Lesson Part 2 from Amy Burns (@awillis2): Amy provides an example of an interdisciplinary STEAM lesson that she created with a science teacher at her school. For an overview of this project, please refer to STEAM Lesson Part 1.

Teaching Pop Music: Music Theory with the Rolling Stones from Justine Dolorfino (@justine_robin): Justine shares an example of how she recently used pop music to teach one of her students about chord progression analysis, bass line creation, and musical cadences.

Thoughts on Composition from Aileen Miracle (@aileenmiracle): Aileen reflects on a recent composition project, students’ reactions and experiences, and how she can improve the lesson and address concerns in the future.

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