MuseScore in Online Music Lessons

Screenshot of MuseScore notation software showing an introduction to rhythmI’m always looking for new ways to connect with students during online music lessons! After putting it through its paces, I’ve come to find that MuseScore, a free music notation software, is a great tool to have in your arsenal!

I’ve written before about FiftyThree’s for iPad and how it’s proven to be a great way to notate pitches, rhythms, and more during in-person music lessons. MuseScore allows me to do these same things — and more! — during online lessons.

Though it may not be as feature-filled as heavyweight music notation software like Sibelius or Finale, if you’re looking for software that allows you to:

  • Show your online student a rhythm or series of rhythms;
  • Modify existing music quickly, either to fix a mistake or change the level of difficulty; or
  • Notate a rhythm or melodic line that was composed during the lesson,

I think you’ll find that MuseScore gets the job done just fine!

Of course, in order to use MuseScore effectively with my student, I need to be using video chatting software that allows for screensharing. This way, I can have MuseScore open on my computer and my student sees what I see during the video chat, in real-time. I prefer Skype or Google Hangouts over Apple’s FaceTime because of this; FaceTime lacks a screenshare feature.

Screenshot of MuseScore notation software showing a highlighted section of musicI like to use MuseScore during the beginning of the lesson, when working on sight-reading warm-ups. Because I create my students’ sheet music in it, too, I can just pull up the editable file during their lesson to highlight key passages or make needed modifications. It’s an easy way to guarantee that my student and I are looking at the same portion of the music.

Do you use a notation software during your online music lessons? What uses have you found for it? Let me know by leaving a comment! Or if you’d like to get started on music lessons, I’d love to hear from you too!

2 thoughts on “MuseScore in Online Music Lessons

  1. Hello Justine,

    Congratulations for your use of MuseScore. I teach music with this soft and it’s’very easy to help students with this program. And with Musescore Connect, you can easily share your lessons online with your students.

    Thanks MuseScore !

    • Thanks for commenting! I haven’t used MuseScore Connect yet, but I could see it coming in handy for students working on composition in particular. How do you use this with your students?

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