Online Music Lessons

If you’ve only taken in-person music lessons before, you may be wondering what to expect from online music lessons.

I’ve compiled this collection of resources to help you understand what to expect from your first online lesson. I’ve been teaching through Skype for two years and really enjoy it!

  • Getting the Best Video Chat Performance: Make sure your Internet connection, mic, camera, and computer are up to speed so your online lessons go well!
  • How Do Online Guitar Lessons Work?: Learn whether online guitar lessons are right for you and what to expect from your first lesson.
  • How Do Online Bass Guitar Lessons Work?: Set yourself up for success by reading about how your first online bass guitar lesson will work!
  • My First Experiences with Online Lessons: Curious about what teachers think about teaching online? I wrote this post after my first set of online lessons to share my experiences. Understanding the teacher’s perspective may help you get the most out of your lessons!
  • MuseScore in Online Lessons: I use MuseScore, a music notation software, to show my students music, introduce rhythmic concepts, and compose. Ask your online music teacher about whether he or she can use music notation software to demonstrate concepts with you!
  • Google Drive and Music Lessons: I use Google Drive to save and sync my students’ music files. It makes it easy for them to get all of their chord charts, materials, and keep track of assignments. Ask your online music teacher about using a file synchronizing service!

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