Online Marketing

There are 300+ social media channels out there.

Where should you begin? What should you say? And most importantly: how can you use your website & social media to build a bigger bottom line for your company?

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How will I help you?

I work with you to create a custom-designed content & social media marketing plan that plays to your strengths and focuses on driving traffic to your company’s website and conversion opportunities. Once the data starts coming in, I’ll help you understand your successes and make improvements. I’ll be a trusted partner you can count on for results.

Are we a good fit?

I do my best work with entrepreneurs and business-owners who are:

  • Motivated and eager to try new things and learn from what does – and what doesn’t – work
  • Clear on what product or service they want to offer and to whom
  • Open to collaborating directly with me on projects in addition to providing leadership and vision
  • Interested in developing a basic understanding of online marketing
  • Comfortable communicating clearly and respectfully via phone or email in addition to face-to-face
  • Driven by passion!

Schedule a free consultation today!

What do people say about my work?

Justine did an excellent job helping my business narrow down our marketing strategy, or lack thereof, into a revenue generating, measurable, and organized online presence. She offered immense insight on our ideal customer, where they spend their time, and how to reach and approach them. If you run a business and want to optimize your online marketing strategy, I highly recommend Justine.
- Lauren Cannon

Justine was instrumental in helping me get my business, Joyful Coaching, up and running. When I started, there were so many elements to building a business that were far outside my area of expertise - building a website, developing an online presence, and social media marketing, just to name a few. Justine helped me address each of these areas in a linear approach that made the work so manageable and even enjoyable! She worked at my pace, pushed me when I needed it, and helped me understand how to differentiate myself from everyone else in the coaching industry. Without her help, Joyful Coaching would still be something that only exists in my journal. Justine helped me take my vision and make it a reality!
- Christine Tomasello

I'm not the most technological guy, but I decided to take on building my website on my own, but not entirely alone. I had a handful of obstacles I couldn't overcome and just some general confusion about building my website. So I contacted Justine. Not only did she clear up the questions and confusions I had, but also offered different solutions allowing me to still have ownership over the design and layout of my website. She gave me the knowledge necessary to get the job done!
- Zack David

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