5 Ways to Use FiftyThree’s Paper In Music Lessons

It’s been two years since I started using FiftyThree‘s Paper iPad app in private teaching and I am still going strong! Paper makes it easy for my students to visualize musical concepts and sketch and draw staffs, clefs, notes, rhythms, and more in their music lessons.

Here’s five different ways that I use it to compose, notate, and innovate with my guitar and bass guitar students.

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FiftyThree’s Paper.app in Private Music Lessons

I primarily use my iPad as a teaching tool for private music lessons. I actually rarely use paper (I do make an exception for two students who prefer paper for chords/tab); many of my students prefer being emailed links to tabs and chord sites, and a lot of them also have iOS devices of their own and have invested in the same apps that I primarily use.

Today, I was working with a student who stated that she learns better when she can visually see rhythm patterns. I looked through my selection of apps for something I could use to draw and modify patterns easily, and found Paper!

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